FAQ for www.PhoneLists.com

  1. Who should use PhoneLists.com?

    Our website is designed for small, non-profit groups who need to stay in touch via the phone or email.

  2. What is the Group Name?

    The Group Name is just a name for your phone list. It can be up to 25 letters, numbers, or spaces. The name is case insensitive ("Austin Tigers Baseball" is the same as "austin tigers baseball"), and spaces are ignored ("The Walton Family" is the same as "TheWaltonFamily").

  3. What is the Group Password?

    The Group Password is needed to see the phonelist. It is case insensitive. It can be up to 25 letters or numbers, but no spaces. If you give the Group Password to someone, they can add themselves to the list.

  4. How are the passwords used?

    Each phone list has three types of passwords,

    1. Group - needed to view, print, and add an entry
    2. Personal - needed to update an individual's information
    3. Manager - creates the list, updates the header and footers, and can reset personal passwords
  5. What if I forget my personal password?

    Select the "Change Member Info" link at the top of your groups phonelist. The next page will have a link entitled, "Forget your password?" at the bottom. Select it and PhoneLists.com will mail you your password.

  6. Will the member information every be used or sold?

    Absolutely Not. We will never rent, lend, give, or sell any information about the members.

  7. What about the privacy of the information at PhoneLists.com?

    Responsible people need to be concerned about putting their address on the web. We make every effort to protect your information.

    We realize that even though much information about people is already on the web at places like worldpages.com, people.yahoo.com, switchboard, and reversephonedirectory your info is personal and we will never lend, sell, rent, or give it to anyone else.

  8. Can I see a list of all the active PhoneLists on the site? No. As a security precaution, the Group Names for the PhoneLists are never shown, so an outsider would have to guess the Group Name and a password.

  9. Is there a limit to the number of people to whom I can email?
  10. To email members on your list, the browser's "mailto:" option is used, so it depends on the browsers limit. With current browsers you should have no problem with lists under 200.

  11. Why I can't email everyone? My browser says "Mail Host not registered."
  12. You need to configure your browser to have a mail client. (More info coming on how to do this).

  13. How do I print the phone list?
  14. Use your browser's "Print" button. Usually this is found under the "File" menu in the upper left corner. Note: If a list is wide, it may be better to print it in landscape format.

  15. What if the list is too wide to print?
  16. Select the "View List Compact" link at the bottom of your list. This will show the phone list in a smaller font. If the font is still not small enough, go to the URL box at the top of your browser, and change "FontSize=6" to something like "FontSize=4".

  17. How do I add myself to the list?
  18. Go to the top of the list and select the "Add a Member" link.

  19. How does PhoneLists.com select the height and width of each box and can I affect that?
  20. The height and width of each box is selected by your browser. You can make some columns wider by entering a solid string of text without any spaces. Most browsers will try very hard to put it on one line.

    Questions by List Managers

  21. How can I format the header and footer sections?
  22. Your text in the header and footer are formated as HTML in the browser, so you can put in HTML commands. Some tips:
    1. Use the <BR> tag to break lines Thanks for coming to the party. Our next game is Tuesday. which will look like:

      Thanks for coming to the party. Our next game is Tuesday.

    2. Use a table structure to show a schedule in the footer. You can paste the following into your footer: <table border="1"> <tr bgcolor="lightgreen"><th>Date</th><th>Event</th><th>location</th></tr> <tr><td>Jan 1, 2002</td><td>Game Cougers</td><td>Field 17</td></tr> <tr><td>Jan 8, 2002</td><td>Game Sharks</td><td>Field 21</td></tr> <tr><td>Jan 8, 2002</td><td>Team Party</td><td>Mike's House</td></tr> </table> which will look like:

      Jan 1, 2007Game CougersField 17
      Jan 8, 2007Game SharksField 21
      Jan 8, 2007Team PartyMike's House
    3. use the font tag to show color Please come to the <font color="red">Final</font> meeting of the year. which will look like:

      Please come to the Final meeting of the year.

  23. How do I add a new column?
  24. Email admin@phonelists.com with your list name, new column title, and new column position and we'll be happy to add it. The cost is $10 for commercial lists, but free for non-profit lists.

  25. How long will my phone list be stored?
  26. If a list has not been accessed in over three months, the list owner will be emailed. If the owner does not respond, the list may be archived.

  27. Where do I send suggestions and requests for help?
  28. Please email admin@phonelists.com.

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